About our Stores -  

At Chicken Depot, we offer a large variety of Frozen food items, from chicken to beef to frog legs and breaded green tomatoes! We look for unique and hard to find items then source them at the lowest costs to give our customers the lowest prices! True to our Chicken Depot name, our chicken items are what really set us apart on price. We buy direct from the large chicken companies like Tyson, Simmons and George's and we buy in bulk, so we're able to cut our prices down way below typical grocery store or even warehouse store prices! We offer both Fully Cooked chicken items as well as Uncooked Raw chicken items. We're even Cheaper than the other Chicken Stores like us in other parts of Arkansas! 

History - 

We began in 2012 in Siloam Springs, Arkansas with a little store and big dreams! We started off selling Chicken and just a few other items, and as we continued to grow we kept expanding our selections! 

The Chicken Depot Philosophy -  Our Goal is to provide our community with a more affordable shopping experience that offers the highest quality frozen foods at prices lower than the cheapest Grocery Store prices! We want our customers to be able to eat restaurant quality food at home for way less than going out to eat or 

Our Team 

Siloam -  Brandon, Jacqueline, McKenzie, Brieanna, Janelle, Beverly

Chicken Depot - Frozen Foods For Less

1270 Hwy 412 W. Unit D, Siloam Springs AR |  1-479-373-6790